I Don’t want to Die Unknown

by Dan Moyane

Dan Moyane’s memoir, I Don’t Want to Die Unknown is a slice of South African history. Dan was born and bred in Soweto and was in high school during the 1976 Soweto students uprising. He was identified as a person of interest and his home was often raided by the security police. He wisely listened to his inner voice and decided to go to Mozambique and live away from his birthplace for 12 years. This is where Dan joined the ANC, fell in love, married, and had his first two children. It is also where he started his career in journalism, first in a news agency and then radio.

Dan was meant to be on the plane which crashed killing Mozambique’s President, Samora Machel and thirty-three other passengers in October 1986. The cause of the crash has never been discovered, but we all have our theories. Dan maintains it was no ordinary accident.

He returned to South Africa in 1991, and as a news reporter he covered the birth of our multi-party constitutional democracy and even sang Shosholoza live at the final of the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Dan met many people who helped him in his life’s journey and career. Some of whom share their personal experiences in the book about their relationship with Dan, including 1976 Soweto student leader Enos Ngutshane, veteran Canadian documentary filmmaker and author Ole Gjerstad, former 702 Talk Radio host John Robbie, former trade unionist and business leader Paul Nkuna, and former eNCA morning news anchor Uveka Rangappa.

Part memoir, part legacy, his book aims to inspire greatness for all future generations.

I Don’t want to Die Unknown by Dan Moyane