The Real President

by Noah Kaindama

Set in the fictional African country of Lubanda, the book explores familiar questions many real African countries and citizens continue to grapple with today, as they either fight to create a true nation state or face life as hostages in a tyrant’s playground. The novel charts the many perils of Moses Kamawu as he decides to challenge the incumbent tyrant president who has run down his country – a seemingly brave but increasingly dangerous mission. The president is brutal, stubborn and accustomed to ruling with impunity. Yet, drawn into Moses’ irresistible vision, ordinary citizens band together and fight to usher change into their country. It is a must read not only by aspiring presidents but all citizens who are faced with the dilemma of casting a vote to bring about positive change.

“What a brilliant book. It should serve as a blueprint for the perfect African state – an excellent warning as well as a guide for potential presidents and leaders!” Charles Muller, Diadem Books

The Real President by Noah Kaindama