The Murder of Ahmed Timol: My Search for the Truth

by Imtiaz A. Cajee

“Imtiaz reminds us in this book that his uncle, Ahmed Timol, gave the best of himself for our liberation. Therefore, I believe that we owe Timol (and all other martyrs of our struggle) the best of ourselves too. It is now up to us, (as Imtiaz so ably demonstrates) to realise the society that his uncle died for. One that’s anchored on justice, love, and equality. A luta!” Lukhanyo Calata, son of Fort Calata and author of My Father Died for This.

Follow Ahmed Timol’s nephew, Imtiaz Cajee, on his 20-year journey to find his uncle’s killer and bring him to justice. In 1971, a state inquiry found that Ahmed Timol, held by the security branch of the tenth floor of John Vorster Square, committed suicide by jumping to his death.

Forty-six years later, a new inquiry found that Ahmed Timol was murdered. Only one man remained alive who could tell the truth, a lowly clerk from the police, who was in the room when Timol was pushed. Joao Rodrigues has now been charged with murder and defeating and or obstructing the administration of justice.

The Murder of Ahmed Timol