The Mentoring Roadmap

by Catherine Hodgson Published by Staging Post.

Mentoring is not just a fad or a “nice to have”; it is a “must-have” for any organization that wants to survive. If an organization does not offer a mentoring program in the future, it may find it more difficult to grow, attract the right talent, create and maintain a positive company culture, improve minority representation at management and board level, retain key employees and keep them engaged, fill its leadership pipeline, and develop its employees to fulfil their learning needs. Now more than ever younger generations are attracted to organizations that are interested in their development and wellbeing. It is not only about the pay; it is about how much the organization is perceived to care about their employees in every way.

This book will provide a comprehensive roadmap for your mentoring journey. Having a structure around your mentoring journey will help you and your mentor or mentee get more out of your mentoring relationship. It can be used in organizations or by individuals, whether you are the mentor or mentee. It is an indispensable guide to those wanting to get ahead in life, in business and in their personal lives.

The Mentoring Roadmap by Catherine Hodgson. Published by Staging Post.