Kruger Routes Self-Drive Companion

by the Van den Bergs. Published by HPH Publishing.

Following requests for a travel companion book to the hardcover Kruger Self-Drive comes the smaller, soft cover version. It includes a complete map of the park with suggested routes from the main camps, coupled with many interesting facts and award-winning photographs from the Van den Bergs.

The book continues the Self-Drive legacy as the ultimate companion to the Kruger Park. It contains descriptions of all routes, including amenities and recommendations on each. Readers will find the section on The Nine Best Drives most useful, whilst tips on park opening times, seasons, rainfall and weather will help in planning an ideal trip into the park. Distances, hotspots and road ratings all add to the extensive knowledge and assistance this excellent travel book will bring to both new and seasoned park visitors alike.

Also available in Afrikaans – Kruger Routes Safarigids

Kruger Routes Self-Drive Companion by the Van den Bergs.

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