Children of the Storm

by Cav Barry Published by Chalk Creation

Children of the Storm tells the story of a young man, Twelve, living in a perpetually rainy town. He is poor; an orphan that spends his days as a runner, clearing the debris left in the wake of the pummelling storms. When a supernatural light explodes uncontrollably from his own hands, with deadly consequences, Twelve is labelled a murderer but is rescued from certain death by a stranger.

He embarks on a journey of discovery, leading him to both love and war. He has to make decisions that affect not only his life but the future too.

A century later, reclusive translator, Callah, receives Twelve’s leather-bound diary and finishes the quest that he had started. They are linked through time by their responsibility to uncover the true beginnings of the Spire empire and the order of the Marshals.

Children of the Storm by Cav Barry. Published by Chalk Creation