Alone. Together. Loved. Forever. A Memoir

by Ingrid Lomas

‘Ingrid’s irreverent humour transforms rejection, fear and abandonment into rekindled love in her deeply healing memoir. A spiritual, emotional and entertaining tale of discovery’.    –  Eva Mazza, author of Sex, Lies & Stellenbosch

 Alone. Together. Loved. Forever is a hugely relatable and humorous memoir despite being peppered with sadness and rejection. A true journey of love, understanding and acceptance that’ll never leave your heart. It begins in Ingrid’s mother’s womb prior to her birth and goes on to tell how her mother Shirley found the ordeal of Ingrid’s birth to be so overwhelming that she stays on at the nursing home to recover while entrusting her new-born baby daughter into the care of Shirley’s mother and Ingrid’s grandmother Nana May. Ingrid finds herself in a loving home filled with family, friends and laughter as visitors constantly pop in to avail themselves of the plentiful supply of welcoming teas and meals always on offer. She therefore feels bereft when, still a baby, she is uprooted and moved away from her beloved Nana May’s home to go and live permanently with her parents, Bill and Shirley – in a very different environment. It results in Ingrid experiencing an acute sense of abandonment that stays with her for many years and attracts many more experiences of abandonment into her life.

Alone. Together. Loved. Forever. A Memoir by Ingrid Lomas