30 Money Mistakes Women Make & Ways to Get Back on Track

Kim Potgieter

‘Be inspired to pause. Reflect on your life and your money, and transition into a whole new chapter where money aligns with meaning.’ – Kim Potgieter

In this book, Kim Potgieter shares the money mistakes women most often make. It is a long list, but it is a real list. It is based on the thousands of conversations Kim has had with women over the years, as well as her first-hand experiences with money.

Kim Potgieter is considered one of the leading authorities on holistic financial planning in the retirement sector. She is passionate about merging a client’s goals and dreams with their financial plan to enable a life filled with inspiration and meaning. Her life’s work is to share her learning about the relationship we have with money, and to assist people to put money in its right place – as an enabler of their life plans.

As director and head of Life Planning at Chartered Wealth Solutions, Kim is able to combine her two passions: studying the relationship people have with money and advising people on how to get the most life from their money in Retiremeant™.

Kim’s message is clear: by understanding your relationship with money, you can begin to shift your mindset to create positive and powerful transitions. To get you started there are thirty-one challenges in her book that will get you back on your financial track.

30 Money Mistakes Women Make & Ways to Get Back on Track by Kim Potgieter